Saturday, May 10, 2008


Marc-Aaron said...

for me this one has a strange magnetism, seems to be a sense of depth which pulls you into the image, perhaps at the same time it remains quite impenetrable
but it's that push and pull contradiction which I find interesting, I'm really curious to know the size of this

tony said...

Dear Marc-Aaron, Thanks for the comment. There was a moment - years back- when I was fascinated by the 'push-pull' paintings of Hans Hoffman. It was that idea of a type of painting which, though finished, is never resolved. - a little bit like the idea of'life after death.' Albers - in his 'Homage To The Square' series- seem to achieve a similar quality be it in a much more formal framework. The size of the painting is 65cms.square. I am tempted to do another version - in black & grey - which will measure 140cms. square - but whether or not I will get round to actually doing it is another question.