Monday, October 13, 2008


sroden said...

hi tony,
thanks for checking out my blog and writing about huxley. what you said about his work, and mclaughlin is of course right on the mark. mclauglin's paintings are incredibly under appreciated. unfortunately, i feel the art world works similarly today. perhaps it is even more isolated and myopic than even back then. clearly in all decisions 'the market' rules, and if one makes work that exists outside of the interests of the tiny social culture that is 'the art world', one can expect to be relatively ignored in similar ways to the times you were talking about. i have always tended to believe that the artists who have taken such a path have tended to make work that is much more interesting and has more personal vision that what is regularly seen in hot art magazines, which is why i like to bring up artists like huxely on my blog. on many levels i've tried to model my own practice after these 'outsiders', following the path of those i respect as makers and thinkers, rather than those who are omnipresent and simply about production. anyways, thanks for the comments, steve

tony said...

To make art of on
sort or another is not an immodest affair . There is always the implicit witness of ego on the part of the artist - the particularity of having a certain world view with a wish to have that world view shown & shared and from the desire to share it is but a short step to the desire to impose. Modesty in an immodest activity is a hard balance to hold. Just as an aside I thought you might like the work of Roger Ackling- another British artist - but one who, for me at least, has held the balance over many years now. Anyway best wishes for tomorrow & what comes after. Tony