Tuesday, December 9, 2008


CAP said...

Ah you have a way with a grey, you sly old Modernist.

Even when studying the enlarged JPEGS (clicked on) it's difficult to tell much about the surface of the paintings - although the top one to this post has an exquisite yellow tinge running along the top edge.

I find the curves much more interesting than the last post, for what it's worth.

tony said...

Dear Cap - thanks for the comment about the 'grey'. I use Paynes Grey as a base(Lamp Black, Ultramarine Medium & Yellow Ochre) and after that I add a bit of this and a touch of that pigment until I hit upon what I think gives a little 'history to the grey. As to the curves against the last post - they were for a project which never actually materialised. There were to be a set of 6 paintings(about 1.20m square) for the reception area of an office block. The architect was quite happy with it but the proprietor decided to cut the costs and put in potted plants instead. You can never win against Nature - especially when it combines with a property developer.

Nomi Lubin said...

A way with a grey, agreed.

Did you post them so close to each other on purpose?

(Beat out by potted plants. That's brutal.)

tony said...

Dear Nomi, No I didn't post them so close together on purpose. It's just my total inadequacy with computers in particular and all things with buttons & switches in general. which connect up to electricity.

PS As a gesture towards the rest of humanity I don't drive either and keep well away from nuclear power plants - with all things slightly mechanic I'm Captain Disaster - I suppose it's just a natural gift ? Happy New Year to you & your family. Tony

giulia said...

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